Quid pro Quo: Majeraye Namoos parastan


     A play by: Gowhar Morad (GholamHossein Saedi)

   Cast: Levon  Haftvan (Mr. Imani) Sasan Ghahreman (Mr. Farmani) Directed by V. Rahbani



       It is an open stage. The play starts with a young man sitting in the corner, beating  tonbak (a variety of drum). The beating stops. Two men, Farmani and Imani enter the stage and start talking and assessing the lives of other people, especially the adolescents.

Each man is boasting how he and his son or daughter are the most respectful and innocent  people in the world, at the same time lashing out at others. As the play develops and they reveal their obsessions and betrayals, the audience finds out how corrupted and dirty they are in their souls and minds.

The play is provocative but genuinely funny. On stage, Levon and Sasan are at their best. They are not just acting, they are relentlessly creating a world which is taken over by hypocrisy. The two actors are successful in making the audience face the bitter reality: Nobody is innocent, hypocrisy is rooted deep in our culture, and there is no easy solution for this disease.

 We see Farmani and Imani once a while stopping conversation and checking behind the curtains stealthily to ensure when their youngsters arrive home, they will be punished for going out, then they start remembering and repeating with some kind of sadistic pleasure the sins they themselves have committed, and still yearning to do so, they do this by attempting at constant self-justification. The play ends with Imani and Farmani punishing their boy and daughter by cutting their hair with scissors. We donít see the punishment, we hear yelling and screaming while at far end of the stage a projector casting some animated cartoons showing   the punishment on  the blank wall.  I must say: a brilliant performance not to be forgotten.

 Behrooz  Simaii 

June 27,2007   Toronto


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